Maksim Dark
Maksim Dark
Maksim Dark developed his passion for music in his early teens. At age 16 he began to study and experiment with music. He had a lot of ideas, but he was too young to afford expensive studio equipment. This did not prevent him from doing his first 100 releases on a pair of cheap speakers. After a couple of years on those speakers, people noticed his unique sound, Maksim continued to explore and extract something new every day. Some time later Maksim Dark has already managed to impress the world such as the Dubfire, Richie Hawtin, Olver Huntemann – with his groovy techno brand. His music began to be noticed after he sent the promotional tracks to Ritchie Hawtin at the end of 2013, Richie very attracted the track called “Funny Jump” he played it during the year, every party including an ENTER Space Ibiza. After that, Maksim Dark became more widely seen for fans of electronic music. In 2016 release on a big label, Dubfire boss called SCI + TEC, the name of the release – “ACIDSTAGE” track called “Basserwiser”. Dubfire play this track every party for a year , Also this track was played on the legendary BOILER ROOM. Dubfire gave an excellent introduction to this exciting young artist. The issue has been studied by listeners and DJs from the different points of the world. In 2016, Maksim Dark and Dubfire first met at the festival “CIRQUE MAGIQUE”. There, him managed to play for the first time its own set at one festival with a Dubfire. In 2017, Maksim made a remix for Dubfire, the track was called “Rabid” The release was released on the label SCI+TEC. The remix got to the charts and was remembered by fans of electronic music for a long time. In 2017, released a release on the label Senso Sounds in Oliver Huntemann, , the name of the release – “DIZZINESS” . Oliver Huntemann also appreciated the creativity of the Maksim with all his heart, that after that he proposed to make a remix for him. The remix was released on a track called “Poltergeist”. The this young artist at the moment is 24 years old, and he feeds hopes of many people, his story is just beginning…

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