Milla Lou
Milla Lou
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MILLA LOU stands for dark and atmospheric techno sound. Her vision of depth and powerful melody combined with hard bass and underground vocals combines melodic techno with the euphoric feeling of hard raves. Her sets are characterized by specially selected and often “already forgotten” or unknown tracks, which she restages in her personal renaissance. However, she also has the prestige to help herself from the pool of the JAW labels, making her music even more unique. Through her gigs in Berlin/ Cologne/ Munich e.g. Sisyphos with a grandiose HAMMAHALLE closing or equally international gigs in Istanbul | Turkey etc. she has already enchanted some. In addition, she belongs to the inner circle of the Jannowitz Records crew and the first productions and features are also expected soon. Collaborations with her partner BOHO as well as with Darksome Notes, NoNameLeft are already signed & a remix for Stiv Hey on the US label Hydrozoa will follow. Hold on tight and enjoy your next musical journey with MILLA LOU!

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