Paul Feris
Paul Feris
Jannowitz Records | Natura Viva
Paul Feris is a Dj & Producer from Cologne Germany. Since his childhood Paul always had a connection to music and rythm, after his caretaker in kindergarden told his parents that he should do something with music in life, it was clear that he would someday become an artist in the music industry. In his teenage years it turned out that he has an addiction to electronic music and got influences by the German techno move in the 90´s. That was the point when Paul decided to start Producing music on its own. Like everyone on this planet Paul had to make a journey through the complexity of music production and it took him some years to get the sound he wants to show the world. In 2015 Paul sent some music to Jannowitz Records what was heard by label founder Lars Kohl, after listening to Paul´s music he knew that there is talent in Paul and Paul could prove that with his release on the Jannowitz Compilation in 2016 where his Track „Better Not“ was instantly played by Richie Hawtin at the Timewarp Festival. After that Paul got attention in the Music industry not only in Germany. In mid 2016 he got his Track „Neutral“ signed on Nihil Young´s Label Frequenza Records followed by a EP Release on Jannowitz Records at the end of 2016 what was a collab with Joseph Disco and got Remixes from Cosmic Boys and Matchy&Bott. Paul Feris is making his way through the Music industry and will keep going, with a Track on the Jannowitz Compilation 2017 his way for 2017 is marked.

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